Year 7


Autumn Spring Summer


Drawing techniques and Still Life.

Pupils will study drawing skills in a variety of media before applying this to a unit looking at the Still Life genre.

Portraiture using paint. 

Painting skills are developed for this unit, which goes on to look at the work of artist Vincent Van Gogh and his extraordinary painting technique and use of colour.

Pattern and texture using mixed media. 

This is a chance for pupils to discover a completely new approach to creating art. It contains, print, collage, and mixed media techniques to produce a final outcome based on shells or butterfly wings.


Year 8


Autumn Spring Summer


Aborigine art and culture.

 The study of the world of Aborigines, their art and fascinating culture. Paint, tissue paper, and dot pattern skills will be developed to demonstrate an authentic way of working. Final outcomes use creatures and native Australian animals.

Architecture - either screen-printing or sculpture outcome.

Pupils discover the unusual art and architecture of Antonio Gaudi. They go on to work in small groups to design, construct, and decorate wonderful sculptures based on chimneys.

Abstract painting based on pieces of music.

An unusual approach where we get pupils to respond to music and produce painted outcomes. They base their ideas on instinct and imagination, and the methods often used by artist Wassily Kandinsky.

Year 9


Autumn 1

Autumn 2 and spring 1

Spring 2 and Summer 1 Summer 2


African Art using mixed media and creating a presentation sheet.

African art and culture are briefly studied-the amazing colours and tribal masks, especially focused upon using a whole host of different media.

Pop Art-Richard Hamilton/Andy Warhol.

Photomontage techniques and screen-printing are the key focus here. However, pupils will learn about how to study a piece of art, the context in which it has been created, and look closely at historical influences surrounding the rise of Pop Art as a movement in the 1950's.

Pop Art-Roy Lichtenstein.

 A study of the artist and his methods. We develop cartoon, comic strip ideas based on initial drawings of groups of objects. Super hero characters are drafted into designs to create a narrative.

Pop Art sculpture - Claes Oldenburg. 

To round the year off, pupils look at the sculptures of this artist. They work in small teams to build 3D versions of small everyday items, drinks, and food. It is a fun way to finish Year 9, but still provides super skills in collaborative work and construction.

Year 10 & 11

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