Student Leadership


Our Head Girl, Deputy Head Girls, Head Boy and Deputy Head Boys and Clerk to the School Council make up the 'Senior Team'.  The Senior Team lead the School Council and represent the school community.

Students in year 10 are invited to apply to the Senior Team.  Applications are reviewed by the Leadership Team with shortlisted candidates interviewed by Senior Staff.  Staff and Students are also given the opportunity to vote for these roles.   


Our dedicated Prefect Team undertake duties within curriculum areas and in the Dining Hall, act as role models and peer mentors, assist at school events and support the Senior Team in ensuring the student voice is heard.


Our House Captains organise and lead on House competitions within the school. They regularly organise teams for House Competitions and are another layer of leadership and student voice within the school.


Each Tutor group elects two tutor representatives. This team of 12 (per year group) meet with the Senior Team regularly to discuss charity fundraising and student-led projects.  Two tutor representatives from each year are elected to sit on the School Council.


The School Council is comprised of the Senior Team (7 students) and two representatives from each year group.  The School Council meet regularly to discuss student-led projects and charity fundraising.  They also meet annually with Innovate our School Restaurant provider and our Estates Team.


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