Exam & Key Stage Results

Exam Results 2023

We, at Rodborough, are delighted to celebrate the success of our Year 11 GCSE students.  

Emma Hunston, Principal, said “These students have demonstrated resilience throughout their time at school and these results are a testament to their efforts and dedication to their studies.  My congratulations go to all students who have worked so hard for their results.  We are proud of every student and the results they achieved.”

80% of all grades were at a Grade 4 or above with 29% at a Grade 7 or above, compared to the national figures of 68% and 22%.  55% of students achieved a Grade 5 and above in both English and Maths.  Subjects worthy of a mention for top pass rates include Maths, English Language, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, History, French, German, RE, Drama, DT and Music, all with over 80% grades 4 and above.

Headline Figures

English and Maths 4+ 78.7%
English and Maths 5+ 55.2%
Attainment 8 5.2
EBAC Average Points Score 4.81

Exam Results 2022

Rodborough is delighted to celebrate the success of their students in the 2022 GCSEs. These are the first externally set and assessed GCSE examinations to take place since the summer of 2019.

Once again, our Year 11 cohort have been an inspiration to us all. The commitment they have shown to their studies over the last year has been extraordinary, and it is fabulous to see all that hard work reflected in their grades. There are some exceptionally good results this year and our congratulations go to those students who have been able to excel despite the challenges they have faced. We are particularly proud of those students who completed their vocational qualifications despite the disruption the pandemic caused to their practical work and ongoing assessments.

The pandemic has meant students have had to become more independent as learners. Having now achieved success in formal examinations they have an excellent combination of skills and experience that will ensure they go from strength to strength in the future. I wish them all the best as they move to the next stage in their education.

Headline results
  2022 National

Pass rate at GCSE

This score represents the percentage of all grades at or above a standard pass (4+)
85% 73%

Attainment 8

This score represents the average grade for all students across their best 8 subjects. (Grade scale 9-1)
5.3 4.9

Progress 8

A score of 0 would indicate that, on average, all students make the expected level of progress across their best 8 subjects.  A score of 0.5 indicates that, on average, all students achieved half a grade better than predicted in all their best 8 subjects.
+0.03 0

Grade 4+ in English & Maths

This score represents the percentage of students who achieved the standard pass (4+) in both English and Maths.
73% 71%

High Achievers % 7+

This score represents the percentage of all grades at 9-7
36% 26%


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