Religious Studies

Year 7

 TerM Autumn 1 Spring Spring 2 & Summer 1





Why should we study RE?

Investigating religions influence on the world around us and evaluating RE’s importance.

Islam - How might the 5 Pillars influence the way we live?

Investigating what the 5 Pillars are and how those beliefs influence Muslims lives. There will also be a mini investigation on the call to prayer.

Sikhism - Is equality important?

Investigation Sikh beliefs with a focus on their teachings about equality















Year 8

 TerM Autumn Spring Summer





Is Christianity worth dying for?

Investigating different Christian’s martyrs and others who have risked their lives for their beliefs.

Is community important for Jews?

Investigating community for the Jewish population today and the impact the Holocaust had on the Jewish community.

Can the Buddhist way of life stop suffering?

Investigating Buddhist philosophies and evaluating whether they can end suffering.















Year 9

 TerM Autumn Spring Summer





Is there a right way to live?


-Humanist beliefs

-Christian beliefs

- Different ethical and philosophical decision makers.

Hinduism Do our actions influence our future?

Investigating Hindu beliefs with a focus on the caste system and Hindu beliefs about life after death.

Start of Short Course GCSE Christian Beliefs















Year 10 & 11

Information Pending

Subject Documents Date  
RE Curriculum Rationale 10th Jan 2023 Download