Activities Week 2024

We are delighted to announce that we will be reinstating our Activities Week at the end of this academic year. Our usual timetable will be collapsed and a wide variety of activities celebrating the ‘Rodborough 5 Rs’ will be on offer for Years 7-10 between Wednesday 10th and Friday 12th July, with some trips extending into the weekend.

Below are details of the first batch of activities on offer, which are our three residential trips for Years 7-9, as well as two daytrips that necessitate booking in advance. Please note that Year 10 students also have the opportunity to attend the Geography trip to Osmington Bay or the History and RE trip to Berlin at an earlier point in the year.

Once we have gauged interest in these opportunities, we will include the next batch of activities on offer: a range of enriching daytrips, including several that will be free of charge.

Please note that places are limited on these trips and, if oversubscribed, places will be allocated by lottery and a waiting list will be held.

Follow the links below to see the full details of each trip and information regarding how to express your interest.

 If your child wishes to express an interest in Wicked or Legoland in addition to a residential trip, please complete the Google Form detailed in the letters for both trips, but also email me directly please to confirm this on .

If you are unable to pay for a trip due to financial hardship please write to the Vice Principal, Mr C. Williams at the above address or e-mail him at The matter will be dealt with in the utmost confidence.

Activities Week Letter

Year 7 Residential Trip to France

Year 8 Residential to Germany

Year 9 Residential to Ypres and the Somme

Non Residential Options