Supporting Students

We recognise that a good education also involves providing appropriate support during a time in their lives when our students are facing the challenge of growing up. We ensure that there is a comprehensive programme of transition to help students feel secure when they first join us. We also have clear and supportive systems to ensure that support is there when and if it is needed during their time with us.

The Tutor

Tutor groups remain together throughout their five years at Rodborough and, in Year 8, will have a new Head of Year who will stay with them throughout their next four years. The tutor is the first point of contact for most questions that students and parents may have. They can be contacted through a note in the student planner, an e-mail or telephone call.

Additional Support

In addition to support through our pastoral system, students can be supported through our on-site student support worker who is able to provide counselling and support to students on a wide-range of matters.

Pupil Premium & Catch UP 2018-19 Statement