Staff List 2022-23

Contacting Staff

During term time we endeavour to respond within one working day for most queries.

Curriculum matters should be directed to the class teacher or subject leader. Pastoral matters by the tutor or year leader.

General enquiries can be directed to and we will direct your query to the appropriate person.

Click on the name of member of staff for their e-mail link.

Senior Leadership Team

 Stuart Maginnis  Strategy & Development
 Deputy Headteacher
 Maria Mezzullo  Teaching & Learning Lead
 Deputy Headteacher
 Christopher Williams  Staffing & Curriculum
 Assistant Headteacher
 Hannah Morgan  Pastoral & Designated Safeguarding Lead
 Assistant Headteacher
 Felicity McEnroe  Academic Performance
 Director of KS3
 Fiona Lashmar  KS3
 Professional Tutor
 Rachel Chambers  Teacher Development. NQT & ITT Programmes
 School Business Manager
 Lian Barrow  Site operations and finance
 Headteacher's PA
 Mrs A. Deane   Admissions

Teaching Staff

 Mr P. Cross  Subject Lead
 Ms J Pullen  
 Business Studies
 Ms K Powell  Subject Lead
 Mr M. Toombs  Subject Lead
 Design & Technology
 Mrs K. Coulthard  
 Mrs C. Giles  
 Mrs K. Harden  
 Mrs E. Nicholl  Design & Technology Lead
 Mrs A Angas
 Mrs L. Smith  Food & Nutrition Lead
 Mr D. Grinter  Year Leader: Year 10
 Mrs C. Hacker  Subject Lead
 Mrs L. Alexander  
 Mrs M. Armstrong-Harris  LRC Manager / Literacy Co-ordinator
 Miss C. Goddard  
 Mrs R. Chambers  Professional Tutor
 Mrs L. Evans  Subject Lead
 Mrs F McEnroe
 Assistant Headteacher
 Mrs K Sinclair  
 Mrs C. Lloyd  Year Leader: Year 9
 Mrs L. Cherrie  
 Mr J Grayling  
 Mr R. Watt  Subject Lead
 Mr A. Turns  
 Miss H. Allsop  Subject Lead
 Mr D. Foxwell  
 Mrs V. Bradburne  
 Miss H. Bradford  
 Dr M. Dehkordi  
 Mrs L. Webster  
 Mr M Griffiths  Subject Lead
 Mr T White  Second in Maths/Year Lead: Year 9
 Modern Foreign Languages
 Mrs K. Culbert  
 Ms K. Gubbels  Subject Lead
 Miss H. Morgan  Assistant Headteacher
 Mrs N. Reynolds  
 Mrs F Chambers  
 Miss L. Vernon-Hunt  
 Mrs L. Moyler  Year Leader: Year 11
 Mrs L. Yeadon  Subject Lead
 Physical Education
 Miss N. Bullock  Clubs & Activities Co-ordinator/Year Leader: Year 7
 Mr B. Farrell  Year Leader: Year 9
 Mr R. Ossai  Subject Lead
 Mr C. Williams  Deputy Headteacher
 Mr A. Turns  
 Religious Education
 Mrs M. Dronfield  
 Mrs F. Lashmar  Assessment Lead / Subject Lead
 Mr J. Bowen  
 Miss N. Dann  
 Mr G. Frater  
 Mrs J Winn  Science Lead
 Miss R. Perkins  
 Miss D. Perry  
 Mrs N. Sollars  
 Mr T. Symonds  
 Mrs E. Stear    
 Special Educational Needs
 Mrs H. Hawksworth  SENDCo
 Mrs M. Wildeman  Cullum Centre Manager

Curriculum Associate Staff

 LRC Support
 Mrs M. Armstrong-Harris  LRC Manager / Literacy Co-ordinator
 Mrs S. Crucefix  Accelerated Reader Co-ordinator
 Mrs J. Simmons  LRC Assistant
 Special Educational Needs
 Mrs O Sabadash  Learning Support Assistant
 Mrs A. Cowley  Learning Support Assistant
 Mrs R Fretten  Learning Support Assistant
 Mrs C. Howick  SEND Administrator
 Mrs J. Jones  Learning Support Assistant
 Mrs M Ormond  Learning Support Assistant
 Mrs N. Marson  Learning Support Assistant
 Mrs K. McLachlan  Learning Support Assistant
 Ms L. Mills  Learning Support Assistant
 Mrs M. Osmanovic  Learning Support Assistant
 Mrs A. Pearce  Learning Support Assistant
 Mrs L Hunter  Learning Support Assistant
 Intervention and Support Teaching
 Mrs L. Elias  Tutor
 Curriculum Technical Staff
 Mrs J. Brashaw   Senior Technician: Science
 Mrs A. Burrough  Science
 Mrs S Bullen  Food Technology Assistant
 Mrs M Cartwood  Food Technology Assistant
 Mrs R Day  Art
 Mr M. Giles  Design & Technology
 Ms L. Gould  Design & Technology
 Mr M. Lunt  Science
 Mrs J. Stenning  Design & Technology/Student Support

Site Services

 Finance Operations
 Ms L. Barrow  School Business Manager
 Mrs N Statham  HR Officer
 Mrs R. Howseman  Examinations Officer
Student Services
 Mrs J. Macnally  Senior Receptionist/School Nurse
 Mrs V. Webster  Attendance/Pastoral Administrator
 Mrs S Boulton  Receptionist / General Administrator
 Mrs V Webster  Receptionist
 Site Operations
 Mr T. Allcorn  Estates Assistant
 Mr S. Deane  Premises & Facilities Development Manager
 Mr R Calitz  Estates Assistant                                               
 Mrs R. Westlake  Data Manager
 Student Welfare and Support
 Mrs A. Campbell  Safeguarding & Student Welfare Officer
 Governor Services
 Mrs P. Ward  Clerk to the Governors